Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CIM Professional Post Graduate Diploma

Details for our courses for the new Professional Post Graduate Diploma and Chartered Post Graduate Diploma should be available soon - we are working out the delivery schedule and timetable for the courses which we will be starting in September.

The issue we are currently dealing with is how to ensure we deliver in a way which gives the students all the information and capability to get top pass grades, whilst ensuring it leaves as much flexibility as possible to minimise the impact on busy work and social lives.

Full details should be available in early May.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Google and Sony

Interesting to read an article from The Sunday Times - link here - about Google and Sony joining forces to offer the book library created by Google available for the Sony e-reader. As a strategic move this could be very significant; the critical mass which both Sony and Google should gain from this will give them the ability to become the dominant player in the online book/reader market. After losing out with Betamax video and Sony were smarter with high definition DVD and gained critical mass through incorporating Blu-Ray into the PlayStation 3 to make it the default choice, winning the battle with HD DVD.

Maybe the link with Google will allow Sony and their e-reader to win the battle with Amazon and the Kindle. Time will tell but it could be a good strategic marketing decision.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New CIM Syllabus

In the last couple of weeks I have spent a few days at Tutor Training events for the new CIM syllabus at both Professional Diploma and Professional Post Graduate Diploma levels. Both look very good, and I am pretty sure they reflect well the challenges faced by marketers at present. The units within the syllabus have been developed in conjunction with employers to incorporate things which they want from their staff.

I have been involved in the Professional Diploma level more closely as a Senior Examiner for one of the modules - Managing Marketing - so the training this week to learn more about the Professional Post Graduate Diploma and Chartered Post Graduate Diploma was really useful.

It mght sound sad to say this, but I am excited about delivering the new courses and plan to spend time over the next few weeks putting together a package which I hope will offer students an exciting and informative course which will increse their ability to deliver successful marketing. Stay posted for more details.


I plan to use this blog to keep you updated about activities at SPA Professional Academy, and news relevant to marketing professionals. Today has been a bit of a social networking day - I have created a Facebook page - and a Twitter account - now I need to make sure I keep them, and this blog, up to date.